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Accelerate the time to develop, debug and investigate data across your data platform based on Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch or by your real-time applications.

Discover & Investigate

“Hundreds of people across engineering and analytics teams explore Kafka messages with Lenses every day. They previously request SSH access to instance and run commands. I can’t even begin to explain how much time this saves them”

Ivan Vasyliev, Systems Architect, Playtika

Real-time data catalog

Discover metadata across my data platform and streaming applications in real time

Real-time data catalog & google-like search of all metadata including data entities, documentation and fields across your Apache Kafka topics, Elasticsearch indexes, Schema Registry and data generated by your real-time applications.

I’m debugging, I need to inspect data published in Kafka

Explore data in your Kafka streams by partition offset or via SQL statements whatever their serialisation (AVRO, JSON, Protobuf, etc) . Access to data is protected with role-based security, auditing and field-level masking.

Explore Kafka data
Customer Partitions view

Show me consumer partitions, their offsets and edit them

View state of all consumers, their lag and partition assignment. Modify committed offsets in a secure and audited fashion

Allow me to inject data into a Kafka Topic to fix a problem

Insert data into a Kafka topic via a SQL command directly from the UI or via API/CLI. All actions audited and protected with enterprise security.

Kafka topic - SQL Studio
Lenses Topology

What does my application landscape look like?

View real time topology of producers and consumers as flows and microservices, which topics they are attached to and how they are interconnected. Then drill down to their performance and throughput.

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