How Playtika Gains 300 Engineering Hours Per Day with Lenses

Read how Playtika Gains 300 Engineering Hours Per Day with Lenses, by providing data visibility over Kafka and accelerating time to value.

“Lenses has been critical for us in making Kafka production-ready & in progress to be adopted across all our games. It has also significantly increased productivity for hundreds of our developers which has meant we can accelerate the delivery of new features to market”

Ella Vidra, VP IT at Playtika

Case study summary


Playtika Environment

Lenses provides a central view over all of Playtika’s Apache Kafka clusters that underpins their games. That’s a whopping 6TB of data per day of gamers pushing the “jelly button” and rebuilding the Topicat’s destroyed village!


Lenses Scope

Today, hundreds of people across Engineering and Operations investigate and inspect Kafka through a beautiful Lenses UI every day. They previously had to use dozens of different tools and run commands. Can you begin to imagine how much this saves them?!


Value with Lenses

In fact, Playtika estimate that on average developers save over 30 minutes per day. If that doesn't sound like much, across 600 developers, QA, operations and analysts, that's over 300 man hours per day. At 200 Eur per day that's almost 2.0m EUR per year!