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Avoid multiple DIY tools. Fast-track to production with a single solution to monitor, secure, build & operate streaming data on Apache Kafka & Kubernetes

Lenses use cases
Data Monitoring

Kafka monitoring

Make your Kafka enterprise-ready with full visibility and alerting on its health and secure self-service administration.

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Explore your data

Data observability & catalog

Accelerate the time to develop and investigate Kafka by exploring data in your streams, viewing state and producer/consumer information and more.

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Data Security

Kafka security

Reduce risk and meet compliance by discovering, securing and auditing your Kafka environment and data.

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Build & deploy data flows

Low-code Kafka streams

Build and deploy new flows in minutes with SQL-based stream processing via Kubernetes and data integration connectors configured through a UI.

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Explore your data

Kafka self-service & governance

Simultaneously protect Kafka and give self-service access to engineers with a powerful UI, data catalog and RBAC to manage Topics, Quotas, ACLs and Schemas.

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