Lenses is the full developer experience for any Apache Kafka

Avoid multiple DIY tools. Fast-track to production with a single solution for Kafka monitoring & observability, data governance, security and low-code application development.

Apache Kafka usecases
Kafka Monitoring

Kafka monitoring

Know whether your streaming platform, applications and real-time data are healthy.

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Kafka Monitoring

Data observability & catalog

Cut out the Kafka commands you need to learn by exploring events using SQL, a Kafka UI and data catalog.

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Kafka self-service and governance

Kafka self-service & governance

Create a healthy, safe multi-tenant Kafka environment through developer data access controls.

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Low code Kafka streams

Low-code Kafka streams

Filter, aggregate and transform streaming data with SQL, deploying over your existing infrastructure.

Kafka Monitoring

Kafka security & compliance

Control streaming platform operations with a unified security model, then send audits into your SIEM.

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