Lenses makes DataOps Powerful

What is DataOps?

DataOps is the practice of embracing collaboration with people who

  • Collect and Prepare the data
  • Analyse the data
  • Use the findings for business value

DataOps is about eliminating friction so that data can be turned to value faster without sacrificing security and governance


How to DataOps?

"Next generation data engineering technologies and processes are part of the emerging Data Operations or DataOps movement"

- Forbes

DataOps platform must haves

  • Any Data Format. Provide self-service protected distribution and easy integration of the data
  • Any Data Flow. Accommodate modern data intensive applications
  • Reconciled Data Governance. Democratize data access whilst protecting privacy and ethical usage
DataOps for all

Time to Value,
the Currency of Data Operations

DataOps approaches, help enterprises to derive value from their data assetsquickly and efficiently

Time to Value - DataOps

Data Intensive Applications

The Data Platform team needs to provide the tools and platforms that make it easier to develop and deploy data-intensive applications. The nature of DataOps embraces the need to manage MANY data sources and MANY data pipelines with a wide variety of transformations

Data-intensive applications

Lenses makes DataOps more powerful


For ALL Users

Developers, Consumers, Stewards

Self Service, SQL

Universal data access, data preparation via different channels


Free up time

from building infrastructure

Build data flows

Automated pipelines on Kubernetes & manage custom apps


Unified data access

and confident business integration

Access policies

for data protection & compliance