Fintech Riskfuel optimises its manpower to focus on business with Lenses

Read how Fintech Riskfuel optimizes its manpower to focus on business with Lenses: from monitoring Kafka flows to making their Kafka infrastructure more efficient.

“Our shortest commodity is manpower; every minute we can save on managing our technology is worth more than anything else to my business and allows my team to focus on accelerating our offerings to market. Lenses has been crucial for us in this regard”

Ryan Fergusson, CEO, Riskfuel

Case study summary

Riskfuel Environment

Riskfuel Environment

Riskfuel use Lenses as a single easy-to-use Apache Kafka user interface and API for their Data Science and Engineering team. This is used to monitor the performance of their flows, troubleshoot their Kafka infrastructure and data as well as administer their platform without having to log into consoles.

Lenses - Scope

Lenses Scope

As they launched their project, Riskfuel estimates it saved them months of Kafka education such as learning Kafka commands – time better spent on developing the models for their customers. Time is also saved to the day-to-day maintenance of their Kafka cluster.


Lenses Value

Troubleshooting problems in Kafka infrastructure and data is also faster and more efficient; an example being how they pushed an update to a broker they felt was safe which ended up knocking out a piece of their Kafka infrastructure. Lenses was able to pinpoint the problem immediately without having to check the five or more different places they would otherwise have had to check.

“As a young business, we have 83 different things we need to be working on and I don’t want managing Kafka to be one of them”

Ryan Fergusson, CEO, Riskfuel