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How Riskfuel optimizes manpower to focus on business

Here’s how this fintech works with Lenses.io for Kafka observability, from monitoring flows to making their Kafka infrastructure more efficient.

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With tens of millions of euros per year spent by individual banks in risk-calculation infrastructure, Riskfuel aims to revolutionize the industry with the use of AI and streaming data to make validation and risk calculations cheaper, better and up to one million times faster.

Feeding AI models with Kafka

Traders need such calculations to manage their risks and understand the drivers of their profitability. Due to rapid adoption across financial services, Apache Kafka was Riskfuel’s preferred streaming technology. Using the same technology stack as their target market makes it easier to integrate their technology with their customers’. Kafka is the technology that allows Riskfuel to feed their AI models.

Our shortest commodity is manpower; every minute we can save on managing our technology is worth more than anything else to my business and allows my team to focus on accelerating our offerings to market. Lenses.io has been crucial for us in this regard.

Ryan Fergusson, CEO, Riskfuel


...with a fraction of the resources

As a fintech startup, Riskfuel finds itself having to do as much as a multinational bank but with a fraction of the resources.

"As a young business, we have 83 different things we need to be working on and I don’t want Kafka to be one of them” says CEO Ryan Ferguson.

I’m not a Data Engineer. I went into this project thinking I would need to learn all these different commands to manage Kafka. Instead, Lenses.io allows me to administer Kafka from a single easy-to-use user interface and API

Kareem Kudus, Senior Data Scientist, Riskfuel


Kareem estimates it saved him months of Kafka education - time better spent on developing the models for their customers.

It also saves Kareem time in his day-to-day work: an example being how they pushed an update to a broker they felt was safe which ended up knocking out a piece of their Kafka infrastructure. “There were 5 different places we would have had to start looking to find the problem but using Lenses.io for monitoring enabled us to pinpoint the problem immediately.” he says.

The topology view allows them to see the performance of their flows of data across their environment; "It allows me to be proactive and to know if my consumers are working well by seeing the consumption rate of the data that’s feeding our training calculations".

Riskfuel plans to increase their use of Lenses.io to help build and run their data flows with SQL.

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