Architecture & Integrations

Packed with enterprise integrations to fit your existing systems yet so lightweight that it runs on only 4GB

Lenses architecture & integrations

Lenses WEB / CLI / API

Bring streaming to everyone via a rich and secure web UI. Go, Python clients and other APIs to automate and integrate with your CI/CD.


Works with all Kafka distributions including Apache Kafka, Confluent, Cloudera, Amazon MSK, Azure and other managed services

Lenses SQL

No need to re-skill: use the language of data to explore your Kafka streams, configure data integrations and even build stream processing apps

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Streaming Flows

Build and deploy streaming flows in minutes and have them scaled via your existing data infrastructure such as Kubernetes

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Access the biggest open source library of connectors to get data in and out of Apache Kafka. Lenses connectors also provide SQL syntax to simplify configuration

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Monitoring, Audits and Alerting

Integrate metrics, events, alerts and audits to your monitoring, alerting and log management solutions

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prometheus monitoring Prometheus
grafana monitoring Grafana
alert management Alert Manager
slack integration Slack
Custom plugins


Support for different serialization formats including JSON, CSV, AVRO, ProtoBuf, Thrift and even proprietary formats via a serde.

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Security & Identity Managements

Connect Lenses with your corporate enterprise authentication and identity management solutions. Manage audits via Lenses or send them on to your SIEM

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Active Directory

Deployment Options

Simple deployment options to allow you to be up and running in minutes wherever your data infrastructure lives

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Lenses for Kafka

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Lenses for Redis

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