How Lenses makes Kafka smooth sailing at Vortexa

Read how Lenses makes Kafka user friendly for Vortexa by providing a real-time topological view of their entire data landscape.

“While Kafka and Kafka Streams are extremely powerful technologies, their complexity and “black-box” nature led to slower than desired deployments of our applications. Lenses created unprecedented visibility into the real-time data flows in Vortexa’s Kafka infrastructure, helping to reduce development cycle times and build confidence in R&D”

Maksym Schipka, CTO, Vortexa

Case study summary

Lenses - Value

As Vortexa scaled up their Kafka environment they encountered several challenges. Administrative tasks were burdensome and required a lot of manual effort. Investigation of incidents involved a series of in-house developed scripts and open source tools.

Today, new data pipelines that integrate data across their different technologies, including Elastic Search and Redis, can now be built and deployed in production in minutes.

Everyday tasks, such as inspecting messages on a stream, understanding profile of a topic, or verifying the replication factor are now easy and are performed in under ten seconds.

They see a real-time topological view of their entire data landscape: their flows to Redis and Elastic Search as well as inside their Kafka Streams applications. Troubleshooting a problem on a streaming application can now be done within one minute compared to hours using previous tools.