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Drive your streaming data with SQL

Know and navigate what’s inside your real-time apps - without knowing Apache Kafka

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Discovering what data is generated by your different real-time apps and teams can take months.
That’s before even processing it.
Lenses lets anyone explore and process data in one DataOps environment.

Real-time data catalog

First, use the catalog to explore metadata across your real-time data platform & apps including Kafka and Elasticsearch.

  • Automatic data discovery
  • Google-search metadata
  • Real time topology and lineage
Real time data catalog
Explore payload SQL

Explore payload with SQL

Next enrich, transform and filter streaming data using SQL semantics. No coding required.

  • Explore payload across any serialization
  • Create rules for data masking
  • Restrict data access with security namespaces

Real-time data processing with SQL

Then filter, aggregate, transform and reshape streaming data.

  • Deploy over your existing Kubernetes or Connect infrastructure
  • Build in monitoring & alerting
  • Integrate data into 3rd party stores with connectors
Real-time data processing with SQL

Why use a Lenses workspace?

Kafka Guide

Enable app teams

Open up your platform to anyone that speaks data

Security Call

Deploy on your infrastructure

Explore data then scale data processing on Kubernetes

Reach Production Safely

Reach production safely

Meet complex compliance with security & auditing

How to

Navigate data with SQL

Our Snapshot SQL helps you find those needles in a haystack of real-time data. We walk you through how it works.

Explore data

Debug microservices

React to live data


Our teams use as a portal to provide insights into how the data is represented, but also as a mechanism for feedback on the schema itself

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Anders Eriksson

Anders Eriksson

Data Engineer

How to

Build apps with SQL

Transform data

Run on any Kubernetes

Extend with UDFs/UDAFs


SQL guides

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