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Build & Deploy Flows

Build and deploy new flows in minutes with SQL stream processing via Kubernetes and data integration connectors configured through a UI.

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“I’ve found Lenses’ clean UI absolutely brilliant for creating Kafka connectors. Lenses makes experimenting with connectors almost trivial, it’s so fast to change config and redeploy.”

Kit Burgess, Data Scientist, Vortexa

Save me time when developing real-time applications with visibility into data across data platform

Discover metadata generated by your real-time applications over Apache Kafka or sitting in Elasticsearch through a real-time data catalog. Explore payload with a powerful SQL engine, protected by namespace-based security and data masking.

Lenses SQL - data visibility
Lenses SQL Processor

I must build streaming data flows without coding

Build streaming data flows with nothing but SQL. Flows will then packaged with monitoring, scaled and deployed over your existing infrastructure such as Kubernetes

Allow me to create data integrations in and out of Kafka

Deploy Kafka Connect-compatible connectors with popular data stores in minutes via a UIin a consistent and repeatable fashion. Benefit from syntax checking, error handling and alerting. Integrate into your GitOps practices.

Lenses - Kafka Connect
Data Landscape Git

Manage my entire data landscape with just configuration

Represent your entire data landscape including your Kafka configuration, connectors and data flows along with monitoring, auditing and security as declarative configuration files (such as YAML) and manage them in Git.

My data flows require monitoring, alerting and security

When deploying flows and microservices, have them packed with security, data policies, alerting, auditing and monitoring within Lenses.

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