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Get production-ready with Apache Kafka governance & self-service

Apache Kafka monitoring is just the beginning. Imagine you could create a healthy, safe multi-tenant Kafka environment for teams to build real-time apps and flows, without worrying about breaching compliance or causing an outage?

Kafka Governance

“Can I protect Kafka & give self-service access to engineers?”

Kafka should be your business’s central nervous system, but not without addressing the elephant in the room: Data governance, data protection, data masking, access controls and auditing are all non-existent.

The pressure is on for you to deliver new data products to market. But a wild west of streaming data inaccessible to the right people is slowing you down and turning your platform team into a dependency.

Applying the right rules, guardrails and self-service administration to Kafka means higher productivity, more POCs move to production, and more apps move to market.


“I believe the biggest value of Lenses.io is in governance support, at operational process and information security level, which makes it an ideal solution for enterprises for whom scale is a matter of serious attention.”

Dario Carnelli, Governance Expert (Isaca Certified)

What self service features should I have?

User management

User mgt

Quota and ACL management

quota & acl mgt

Data masking

data masking

Consumer & Offset Management

consumer & offset mgt

Topic Management

topic mgt

Connector Management

connector mgt

Fine grained permissions

fine-grained permissions

data lineage

data lineage

audit logs

audit logs

How can I keep engineers productive on Kafka?

Collect metadata from my data sources by providing a Data Catalog

Data catalog
Powerful UI

Offer a powerful UI to view applications and data.

Equip engineers with a SQL engine to query and process data in real-time.

SQL engine
CRUD Access

Provide CRUD access to manage Topics, Quotas, ACLs and Schemas.

Give engineers an API and SDKs to integrate into their CI/CD toolchain and practice GitOps.

Build GitOps
data operations

Integrate data operations with engineering tools such as Slack, Pagerduty and Splunk.

How do I protect the health of the platform and meet compliance?

With Role-based security, protected and authenticated over SSO.

Role based Security
Real time Alerting

Using real-time alerting and monitoring if things do go wrong.

By building approval processes to create topics.

Approval of workflows
Audits into Splunk

By integrating audit trails into your SIEM in real-time.

Case Study


Leading the Swedish savings market by safely liberating Kafka data

How did investment platform Avanza win > 1 million customers by enabling developers with a secure data platform?

Enjoy operational excellence with Apache Kafka governance


Or speak with a Kafka expert

Real-time data governance: A reference architecture

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