Revving Up Arity's Operational Kafka Efficiency by 200% with and Amazon MSK

How Arity accelerated their Kafka adoption and saved costs by 40%.

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40% operational cost reduction

In operational overhead and personnel

3 Kafka clusters

In less than 5 months

25% reduction

In service tickets

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company that uses telematics data to better understand and predict driving behavior. Arity collects and analyzes driving data from over 30 million unique users to help insurance companies, automobile manufacturers, retail brands, municipalities, and others manage risk and operate more safely.

The challenge: Supporting 150+ developers and self-managing Kafka was impacting productivity

The Arity DevOps team was spending too much time managing and scaling their self-run Apache Kafka clusters, and servicing support tickets from engineering teams developing on Kafka. This was impacting Arity’s ability to grow their adoption of real-time data streams. The goal was clear: reduce DevOps being the bottleneck, give more self-service control to developers, and remove the need to manage Kafka infrastructure.

The solution: embracing a Kafka managed service with a leading Developer Experience

Enter and Amazon MSK. This powerful duo offered Arity a fully managed solution with Lenses for the Developer Experience building event-driven applications on Kafka, transforming their streaming platform and data operations. Arity's developers gained self-service visibility into the performance of applications & ability to explore data without needing to raise support tickets to DevOps.

By eliminating the operational burden required to provision servers, orchestrate patches and upgrades, Amazon MSK further freed up technical teams and resources to focus on application development and business results.

“Whether it’s migration, security, or a new functionality that can improve our business, and AWS are always there for us. They're two very good partners.”

Phil Falkenholm, Director of Infrastructure and Security, Arity

The transformation: A smooth, fast Kafka migration

Lenses offered Arity visibility into their applications connected to Kafka offered Lenses as they were being migrated. As well as the operational savings of MSK & managing Kafka, data observability with Lenses was a game-changer. Within five months, Arity successfully migrated three Kafka clusters, housing hundreds of applications and topics, to Amazon MSK. This move wasn't just about changing platforms; it was about upgrading their entire way of working with streaming data.

The benefits: More than just efficiency

A 200% improvement in operational efficiency and a 40% cut in costs were just the tip of the iceberg. The real win was in how Arity's teams could now redirect their focus towards enhancing applications and driving more business value, thanks to the robustness and ease of managing Kafka through Amazon MSK and

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