Product Manager

London, UK - Athens, GR — New York, US

Product manager role for an international high-growth tech start with multiple FORTUNE-100 clients. We deliver a word-class data ops product ( Big Data ) and world-class support. Join us to shape the product into an amazing data experience.

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Here are some of the benefits of joining

  • Join a team of smart and passionate professionals who love their job, and want to keep learning. Say "I don't know" and you will enjoy an intelligent conversation so you can master your profession.
  • You will work on various areas and different problems, learning new skills or extending your knowledge of the ones you already know. There are no boring days here :)
  • Join our London or Athens head-quarters or our highly international team. We have a distributed and remote friendly culture to cover the full spectrum of working from a modern office or remotely.
  • You will be able to own responsibilities and see tasks or even projects through their lifecycle; from conception to design and implementation. Have your ideas heard!
  • We compete on the world stage and so will you. We aim for the top and we offer a competitive salary and strong benefits.

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At we believe the future of data processing is real-time. The team shares one goal and that is to deliver enterprise-ready, real-time solutions for the next generation of data-driven applications for all. Our mission is to help companies be data literate and embrace data operations with their streaming data and we do so by providing a platform with an excellent user and data experience; that eases the adoption and leverages existing skill-sets.

Our team has a heavy big data background in many industries, evangelizing technology, open source contributors and book authors; we are innovators. We want to work with highly skilled and passionate people and offer challenging and interesting tasks.

Looking to make a difference?

An amazing moment to join a high-growth tech startup on the ground floor. Enjoy the opportunity for rapid learning and career progression.

What do we look for in a colleague? is a startup. As such some things don't work the same way as in big, established companies. We offer a friendly, fast-paced environment, well suited for people who want to touch and learn many things, are not afraid of context switching and want to go the extra mile. We have fun building things; the same should hold for you. We expect people to be productive since the early days. As scales, the same can happen to your career with us. Please note that despite being a startup and a friendly place, we demand nothing less than professional behavior. Good manners and a positive attitude go a long way.

Product Manager Role

  • Cultivate strategic thinking within the team and aligning product stakeholders with a vision
  • Shape and update the product road-map by facilitating workshops with product stakeholders
  • Present the learnings in actionable items in order to make more intelligent product direction
  • Actively operate feature team/s to incrementally deliver a valuable, usable and feasible product
  • Collaborate with UX design to map flows, prototype ideas, review learnings
  • Communicate newly released features to the market
  • Actively monitor a feature’s post-release performance
  • Participate in the team rituals like daily stand ups, sprint reviews and sprint plannings
  • Manage and groom the team's backlog
  • Ensure a smooth feature delivery - supervising from the design/ux to delivery and QA lifecycle
  • Produce and review Product content & data-sheet on every release
  • Maintain product road-map for assisting sales effort and share with premium accounts
  • Grow the product management team as the company scales
  • Identify hiring needs across the lifecycle of engineering to further enhance delivery and quality
  • Collect from accounts pain points and opportunities and keep eyes open in the market for competition moves and industry trends
  • The ideal candidate

  • Excellent spoken / written communication in English
  • Curiosity about how products or features are built as well as why
  • Great sense for user experience and quality assurance
  • Leadership skills over authority experience
  • Facilitator experience in workshops with people from diverse disciplines
  • Comfort with switching context from 10.000 feet to 10 feet in a moment and then back again
  • Eager to own responsibility in the future product direction
  • Experience from discovery of a pain problem, delivery of feature to address it and monitoring if it solved it or not

  • If you are searching for your next challenging role in a fast paced environment

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