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Getting started with Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (AWS MSK) is even simpler with single click Lenses deployment. Lenses expands your Kafka setup by providing direct visibility to your data via secure multi-tenant SQL and self-service streaming flows. Lenses can be deployed in AWS with your own Apache Kafka. Discover now on Amazon Marketplace!


Technical Documentation

How Lenses integrates with Amazon Kafka Streaming

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Get your Key

You will require a License or Trial Key to be able to run Lenses.
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Select Template

Select your CloudFormation template
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Connect your Kafka

Fill in the Kafka details and your are ready to launch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lenses will be deployed as an isolated EC2 instance in the provided VPC you will choose in CloudFormation deployment.

Lenses CloudFormation deployment doesn't manipulate your VPC security group because of AWS Marketplace best practices, so you need follow a few manual steps as our documentation describes.

AWS MSK doesn't provide a way to enable JMX ports at all. So Lenses will run without JMX configured.

The CloudFormation deployment auto-creates for you a CloudWatch log group based on the provided name of the stack. You can visit in AWS console the CloudWatch page and you will be able to see the logs.

The password is the generated instance ID of Lenses EC2 instance, according to the AWS Marketplace best practices.

Lenses configuration is located under the path /mnt/lenses

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Supported Clouds with Apache Kafka



Install the platform in your physical data center.


Deploy the Lenses in your virtual private cloud.

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