DevOps & SRE Engineers

London, UK — Athens, GR — Remote

DevOps and System Reliability Engineers are two widely interpreted roles across the industry. At we hold many key responsibilities across the engineering spectrum. We own or participate in automation, testing, product development, maintenance, quality assurance, system architecture, release engineering, security and more. As importantly, we provide world-class support both to our dev teams and to our clients.

We are the team that guarantees the success of the company!

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Here are some of the benefits of joining

  • Join a team of smart and passionate professionals who love their job, and want to keep learning. Say "I don't know" and you will enjoy an intelligent conversation so you can master your profession.
  • You will work on various areas and different problems, learning new technologies or extending your knowledge of the ones you already know. There are no boring days here :)
  • Join our London HQ or Athens HQ or our highly international team. We have a distributed and remote friendly culture to cover the full spectrum of working from a modern office or remotely.
  • You will be able to own responsibilities and see tasks or even projects through their lifecycle; from conception to design, to implementation, to release, to documentation, to support, to updates.
  • We compete on the world stage and so will you. We aim for the top and we offer a competitive salary and strong benefits.

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At we believe the future of data processing is real-time. The team shares one goal and that is to deliver enterprise-ready, real-time solutions for the next generation of data-driven applications for all. Our mission is to help companies embrace data operations with their streaming data and we do so by providing a platform with an excellent user and data experience; that eases the adoption and leverages existing skill-sets.

We work with cutting-edge technology stack such as Apache Kafka, Scala, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, ReactJS. We deploy in bare metal but we also integrate with clouds. We build connectors for our platform for the most well-known data stores like Cassandra, Elastic, Mongo, InfluxDB, Redis etc.

Our team has a heavy big data background in many industries, evangelizing technology, open source contributors and book authors; we are innovators. We want to work with highly skilled engineers and offer challenging and interesting tasks.

Looking to make a difference?

An amazing moment to join a high-growth tech startup on the ground floor. Enjoy the opportunity for rapid learning and career progression. Our DataOps platform adoption is growing and we need help to speed up the development of new features. The agenda is quite packed and we looking for engineers to join our team and work closely with the UI teams in order to deliver the next iterations of Lenses.

At we firmly believe that working with data should be democratized. Data shouldn't live in silos, shouldn't require data scientists and other specialists to work with them, developers shouldn't have to code complex pipelines. Every person, from the CEO to the janitor should be able to get value from the company's data; provided they have proper authorization of course. Our goal is to deliver enterprise-ready, real-time, innovative solutions for the next generation of data-driven applications with zero complexity. Our mission is to enable organizations to embrace real-time data by providing a platform that opens streaming to all. Lenses has already been adopted by several big companies globally.

DevOps @

Repeating the first paragraph, the DevOps & SRE team has many and diverse responsibilities, either as an owner or as a member of the respective group. We do have our typical sysadmin tasks, like maintaining infrastructure, setting up accounts, etc but these are kept mostly to a minimum. After all, we don't have a SaaS offering —yet. We do own a big part of the CI/CD which is in Jenkins and help our dev teams adopt, implement or transfer parts into other CI/CD services, like Travis or Gitlab runners.

We have our line of products which we develop, maintain and support, such as the fast-data-dev dockers (open source) and the Fast Data CSDs (a paid product). We drive or assist with the development of DevOps related features into our main product (Lenses) and implement some parts on our own. We do build software to automate things for the company. Our language of choice is Go, but you will see some Python as well. We assist with testing, and design and implement testing scenarios. Lenses is the meeting point of many distributed systems, so this is not a task for the faint of heart! We own releases and packaging, making sure that we deliver to our clients software that is easy to install and manage. After all, in our professional careers we have installed and configured many software packages for production, so we know best what we look for in a package. We also package and prepare our software for the cloud. It is imperative that our software will feel native to any cloud and any orchestration framework (such as kubernetes). To this end, we often co-operate with cloud providers.

Occasionally we write documentation, especially for our products and contributions, or improve the existing one. Proper documentation is one of the cornerstones for successful software. How many times did you try to install some software, only to shrug at the docs? We assist our development teams by providing testing environments, advice, and hands-on help. The impact on the development pace can be huge. We also provide intuition; our experience with distributed systems is respected. Our developers are chosen with the same criteria as us, and it's a joy and a privilege to work with them. Staying on the distributed systems, we are expected to know exhaustively the systems Lenses integrates with, such as Kafka; popular setups, features, bugs, corner cases, available options, inner workings and more. That way we can debug, replicate issues and provide meaningful input on development. Did you know we even maintain our own Kafka distribution?

At last, we do provide support. Our software runs in production within companies all over the world, so we are committed to providing world-class support. As such we don't have dedicated support roles, but we take most of the load with some assistance from the dev teams. We build it —literally— so we are the most qualified people to help our clients run it successfully. If you like problem-solving and chatting with engineers all over the world (and often from the largest companies in the world), this may even become your favorite part. If you are interested in creating content or presenting in meetups, we got you covered as well. Let's spread the word!

Closing, we (Lenses team) all do everything, no task is beneath or above any of us. :)

What do we look for in a colleague?

It may sound like a cliche, but we look for people who put pride in their work. People who take ownership of their code, understand how it works and how it interacts with the rest of the systems. Engineers who search for the correct solution —given the constraints of the problem space— instead of a quick hack. Of course, there are situations where a quick hack is a correct solution. We do value initiatives but also team-playing. A successful devops engineer should often ask why, how and what if. They shouldn't be afraid to say I don't know. You should be passionate about distributed systems —and the spectacular ways they can fail. Having a few post-mortems or war stories to share is a must. Performance, robustness, security, scalability should all be in your vocabulary. As for complexity, our solutions should hide it from the end users. is a startup. As such some things don't work the same way as in big, established companies. We offer a friendly, fast-paced environment, well suited for people who want to touch and learn many things, are not afraid of context switching and want to go the extra mile. We have fun building things; the same should hold for you. We expect people to be productive since the early days, as our size doesn't allow for extensive training periods. As scales, the same can happen to your career with us. Please note that despite being a startup and a friendly place, we demand nothing less than professional behavior. Good manners and a positive attitude go a long way.

The candidate's checklist

  • Strong Linux (or BSD) system knowledge.
  • CS background or adequate knowledge of CS matter —we are not going to test you on algorithms.
  • Experience with configuration management systems and tools. Ansible is preferred.
  • Experience with containers (docker) and container orchestration (kubernetes, helm).
  • Experience with at least one major cloud provider (Azure, AWS, GCloud). Experience with tools like terraform and packer is appreciated.
  • Experience with setting up and maintaining distributed systems. Any will do, Kafka is a big plus. Redis, ActiveMQ, ElasticSearch appreciated.
  • Experience with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins and Gitlab Runners.
  • Excellent at bash scripting.
  • Adequate knowledge of at least one programming language. Go strongly preferred.
  • Experience with debugging and a strong drive to find the root cause of the issue at hand.
  • Some experience with building, testing, debugging, configuring and tuning JVM-based applications. Our backend development stack is in Scala and Kotlin.
  • Some experience with monitoring systems and frameworks (Prometheus and Grafana preferred). Further experience with logging systems is appreciated.
  • Is security conscious.
  • Is best practices conscious.
  • Able to take responsibilities and own projects.
  • Excellent communication skills and a strong handle of the written and spoken English language.
  • Team player, able to push through language and cultural barriers to work with engineers all over the world.
  • Experience providing support to either internal teams or clients. Good mannered and patient.
  • Open source contributor or speaker in conferences will be considered a plus.

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