Accelerate event-driven healthcare through safe developer self-service for Apache Kafka

You can’t develop innovative applications around streaming data in healthcare, if your Kafka project is stuck on regulatory box-checking.

Apache Kafka for Healthcare

Paralyzed by concerns about patient data in Kafka?

In 2021, an event-driven architecture doesn’t just save millions of dollars - it can save millions of lives:

1. How can engineers safely access health data streaming through Kafka, without entering a regulatory minefield?

2. How can a team quickly and confidently build stream processing applications without relying on one Kafka expert?

Apache Kafka use cases in healthcare

Connected Health and IOT

Connected health and IOT

Biotech and remote monitoring require ingestion of real-time IoT data.

Automated Diagnosis

Automated diagnosis

AI-driven digital doctors rely on a healthy microservice-based architecture.

Big data analytics

Big data analytics in life science

Patient research, analytics and a single customer view.

Developer questions that Lenses answers for Kafka in healthcare

Troubleshooting my data and event-driven architecture is driving me crazy. Help?

Explore and debug events using SQL via a Kafka GUI or API. Lenses understands your data regardless of serialization: Avro, Protobuf, JSON, CSV and more.

Watch how to navigate data with SQL
Event Driven Architecture
Apache Kafka Regulations

How can I make Kafka comply with regulations without custom tooling?

Build approval processes, audit trails, policies, data masking and RBAC around who can access what in Kafka to address regulations such as HIPAA.

Architecting Kafka for GDPR

How can I build stream processing applications without having to do a PhD in Kafka?

Filter, aggregate, transform and reshape data with streaming SQL, deploying over your existing Kubernetes.

Learn streaming SQL
Streaming Apps
Monolithic healthcare application

How can I break up my monolithic healthcare application?

Build CDC flows with full data observability into Kafka.

Change Data Capture with Kafka

How can I trust what data has been accessed and by who?

Use role-based security authenticated with SSO and data access audit trails integrated into your SIEM.

Life of PII for Apache Kafka
Data integrity
Kafka setup

How can I use open-source but with enterprise security?

Lenses is deployed on top of your existing Kafka infrastructure - cloud, self-hosted or on-prem - as an independent component. It interacts with the entire data ecosystem without Kafka lock-in.

Managed Kafka comparison guide

“We are a healthcare company, the integration with Okta, RBAC and audit features are key for us and allow us to open up the platform to wider teams”

Jeremy Frenay

Jeremy Frenay, Lead Data Operations Engineer

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