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Make your realtime data platform enterprise-ready with Apache Kafka with full visibility and alerting on the health of your apps and flows with secure self-service capabilities

Kafka Monitoring

"Lenses has been critical for us making our teams productive with Kafka and having production-ready confidence across hundreds of developers."

VP of IT Engineering at Playtika - Ella Vidra

Is my real-time data platform, applications and data healthy?

Monitor the performance and view the state of your Kafka projects from a single role-based secured UI.

Lenses Dashboard - Kafka metrics
Kafka monitoring & alerting

Notify me on any problems in my data flows

If my consumer, producer or any part of my platform is under pressure send smart notification on Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty or DataDog.

Allow users to create Topics, ACLs & Quotas via a UI

View, create, edit and delete Kafka Topics, Quotas and ACLs from a single unified UI and API with full role - based access controls and audits. Export as configuration file and port across different environments with GitOps practices.

Add new quota
Kafka topics - Partition map

Are my topics partitioned evenly and well replicated?

See global view of all topics and their configuration. Drilldown to inspect the data or view partition distribution or under replicated partitions.

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