Business challenges

Adopting modern technologies to accommodate such requirements means investing time and training to shift to a whole new ecosystem of distributed real time systems. It requires building a DevOps mindset and capability, while redefining production readiness and compliance.

Technical challenges

Continuously integrating and processing enterprise data in real time, becomes a hard requirement for your development team. Discoverability, Accessibility and Self service integration over modern distributed infrastructures, causes a distraction from building business value.

Why Lenses

  • Get Rapid Time to Value
  • Increase Team Productivity
  • Reduce Cost & Risk
  • Use current skills
  • Enterprise Ready Governance

The requirements of the modern data platform

Lenses works natively with Kafka and supports workflows over Kubernetes. Lenses is central hub for your users to access data securely.

Kafka adoption

Lenses is your gateway for Apache Kafka and applications, providing the features to make adoption faster.

Data Visibility and Control

View, Query, Subscribe to Kafka Topics, Manage Schemas and monitor Consumers.

Connect Data Stores

Lenses supports every Kafka Connector. There are more than 100 available open-source connectors, with 30+ builtin with SQL support.

Process Data with SQL

Run and operate streaming SQL executed as continuous processors consuming and producing data. View your topologies, with built in monitoring. Works with your Kubernetes and Micro-services for your end to end pipelines.

Data Visibility and Control

View, Query, Subscribe to Kafka Topics, Manage Schemas and monitor the Data Consumers.

Rich Ecosystem

Use the open-source Lenses libraries with Python (and Data Science Notebooks), or JDBC driver (connect your BI tools, Spark Jobs) and Javascript (build web apps).

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitor end-to-end pipelines and low level operations in Apache Kafka. Lenses integrates with Prometheus, Grafana and Alert Manager to set up custom Alerts for Health checks, Applications, Consumers etc.

Data Governance

Lenses provides auditing on user activity, access and provides full and visible lineage of your cluster. Compliance settings, anonymize fields, Manage Schemas support.

Admin Operations & Security

Fine grained Access controls support via LDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory, TLS Certificates, ACLs, Quotas. Whitelisting and Blacklisting capabilities.

Fits your CI/CD

Use the Lenses APIs or CLI tool to extract configurations as code and drive your CI/CD pipelines.

Development Friendly, Cloud Ready

Easy Kafka sandboxes with Lenses Box lenses-box

All you need to start working with Lenses, in a single command on your machine or cloud! No other dependencies, your Apache Kafka ecosystem in one docker image. Design, build and run end to end streaming data flows. Monitor your data. Process and connect to different data stores using the best local development environment for Apache Kafka. It provides all the tools you require with examples and flexible configurations to get up and running immediately.

  • Single docker image for your Apache Kafka application development with Lenses in.
  • All-in one Kafka cluster, including Schema Registry, Apache Kafka Connect.
  • Growing list of examples and stream producers, synthetic data generators.
  • Lenses SQL Engine to run your pipelines
  • 25+ Connectors pre-configured and ready to use.


works with all popular kafka distributions


Install the platform in your physical data center.


Deploy the Lenses in your virtual private cloud.

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