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Anomaly detection is the capability of identifying among data points, those that deviate in a non standard way from normal behaviour. The applicable use cases range from detecting faulty devices, to security breaches and the capability to apply such detection in real-time and across a vast amount of data.

Why Lenses

  • Explore, query and and validate data
  • Extract time-series data and enrich them in real-time
  • Deploy and monitor sophisticated models

Use case

Lenses for data in-motion IDS

The continuously evolving cyber threat landscape, requires an innovative way to actively represent the systems and information moving between them. During the last decade, applications dealing with high data throughput were limited to near real time operation. Data in-motion is the way to create dynamic live traffic statuses and identify threads the moment they happen. The Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) are crucial tools in network security. Continuous SQL queries on streaming data, with Lenses® can easily enable your team to build your own Intrusion Detection system (IDS).

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