Putting the developer in the front seat

From Golang apps with ProtoBuf messages, to JVM apps with Spring and even for data intensive applications in Apache Spark / Flink / Akka or KStreams, Lenses is the ideal choice. Increase your productivity and provide your QA team with all the necessary capabilities to build up confidence and move swiftly into production. If you're a BI or data engineer you will immediately feel at home with the Lenses SQL engine and the class leading context aware intellisense.

Our team is comprised 90% of data engineers and among our 70+ Open Source projects you will find client implementations in Python, Go and JS/Redux so you can achieve rapid application development and delivery. You can also reach us on our public Slack channel and talk to the our developers.

  • Monitor streaming flows with a visual topology
  • Micro-services ready: all data formats supported
  • Build streaming logic with repeatable continuous SQL queries
  • Hook your custom applications: Spark, Kafka Streams, Akka Streams, others.
  • Kubernetes integration, manage lifecycle out of the box
  • Start immediately with Lenses Box on your laptop


Building sophisticated software requires the best possible tooling and capabilities. Using the right tool can increase the productivity by at least 30% and when it comes to simple data pipelines, you can even avoid going through the entire SDLF (Software Development Life Cycle) and move quickly into production. Leveraging configuration as code also means that you can promote flows across environments, build approval flows and drive your deliverable through a robust CI/CD pipeline.


Bring additional visibility into your own custom apps! Lenses embraces a huge range of data processing technologies. From monitoring, alerting and debugging to data governance and ethical data processing, Lenses enhances any technology stack.


When it comes to streaming data apps (that are commonly state-less applications) configuration is code. Data applications, connectors and integrations can be expressed via configurations, and thus enable better CI/CD integration. A CLI tool and Python binding promote better automation and integration, as everything behind Lenses is actually an API that you can leverage.


The eco-system of streaming processing is maturing and evolving daily. Lenses focuses on the Data Ops aspects and provides a layer that is transparent so that you can easily take your application logic with you as you evolve across more sophisticated systems.

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