LENSES = f (data)

The catalyst for open functional fast data over Apache Kafka

Lenses works natively with Apache Kafka and supports workflows over Kubernetes, creating a central hub for your users to access data securely


Lenses provides state of the art SQL visibility into your data flows,
engaging all areas of your business as you accelerate towards data driven platforms

Lenses SQL for streams

Your data isn’t always nicely presented to you in the format you want, which is why we support all the major formats, including Protobuf for those of you concerned about performance.

ALL data formats

Support for: Primitives, JSON, Avro, XML, CSV, Pluggable custom formats, Array support, Regular expressions

Real Time, Batch

Access real time data streams or even create scalable streaming SQL queries via Lenses Web interface and smart editor, or integrated clients, Python, JDBC driver, CLI/Endpoints, Redux

Streaming Queries

Continuously running queries Visual interactive SQL flows Scalable out-of-box Performance metrics


Kafka Connectors with SQL enabled filtering at the ingestion time, with supported system features


Lenses provides, intellisense, not just autocompletion. This brings context aware suggestions to make exploring your data simpler and more intuitive for every user.

Manage & Monitor
streaming data flows


Operate data pipelines and Connect data in motion using 100+ Open Source connectors. Deploy, administer, monitor and verify your data.

Continuous Processors

Use SQL, the language of data to define continuous queries for filtering, shaping, enriching data, as well as for stream analytics.

Custom Applications

Your data landscape usually contains micro-services, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Akka streaming and other apps. Lenses embraces and supports all your data apps regardless of the underlying technology.


Interact and understand your entire data pipeline and data access patterns.

Monitor & Govern

Assign admin, standard, or read-only roles to users or teams. Roles can be designated across the platform or for individual projects.

Protection by default

Create Multi-tenant environments

The topic-centric security model, enables you to run multi-tenant environments that extends from topics to consumers, apps, connectors and processors.

Role-Based Access Control

You can compose different access controls (read/write/admin) roles and leverage you existing LDAP/AD/Kerberos.

Sensitive Data Protection, Compliance & GDPR

Capabilities for supporting GDPR regulation and protect sensitive and PII data.

Authentication & Authorization

Authenticate your users via a pluggable authorization mechanism.

Provenance & Lineage

Lenses provides data-governance for the Data Officer and full lineage across all actions that are captured.


Control who can access resources and from where via the ACL mechanism.



With 100+ Open Source Kafka connectors available - more than 30 enterprise grade connectors out of the box - integrate seamlessly with your data systems.


Every action and capability is exposed via a respective REST or WebSocket API, so you can easily integrate with your deployment practices.


Enable CI/CD and automation, GitOps and promoting flows across environments with the open source CLI tool to deliver your apps to production quickly.

Prometheus & Grafana

Enriching Prometheus and Grafana is one of the key capabilities and integration points of Lenses.

Native Clients

Use the open source Python, Go and JavaScript libraries to vastly accelerate your application development timelines.



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