SRE / DevOps

Remote (Europe)

Who we are?

At we are on a mission to democratize streaming data, helping businesses to operate in real-time.

Our technology allows organizations to practice DataOps, a new way of consuming, processing and moving data. Our product makes working with cutting-edge open-source technologies more accessible to users and operationalizes them for enterprises. Our customers, who range from household names like Daimler-Benz and Adidas to cloud-native startups, use Lenses to help run their strategic streaming and software applications: think IoT, fraud-detection AI engines and cutting-edge consumer-facing microservices.

Looking to make a difference?

The SRE team is expanding, and you could be our next, new valuable member!

More often than not, SRE, DevOps, and Ops stand for way too many responsibilities to list on a single page. We are not going to lie, it’s the same for us, and our little shared secret is that we do enjoy our role —and hopefully, the same stands for you because we have a ton of work ahead of us.

There are three roles currently open:

  • SRE/Platform with solid abilities in SaaS and managed services (senior)
  • SRE/Platform, preferably with experience in Apache Kafka (mid/senior)
  • SRE/DevOps (mid/senior)

We also welcome junior applicants who are eager to evolve their careers.

If you are curious, open-minded, hungry, and eager to learn then is the place for you!

Let’s go over the role descriptions. Note that all our SREs take tasks from both tracks —that’s what we call them, platform and devops—, but the respective track is favored when it comes to architectural tasks or challenging problems.

What your day-to-day looks like:

You are focused on providing and supporting services for the company, our clients, and users. Obviously, it has to be fast, secure, scalable, and robust though we keep these descriptions for our presentations. In day-to-day life this means building blocks of infrastructure, implementing new functionality, automating, orchestrating, provisioning, keeping things up-to-date, and maintaining.

SRE/Platform with solid abilities in SaaS and managed services

We want to offer Lenses as a managed service. We have an awesome team building our portal and we are looking into the SRE who will lead the Lenses deployment architecture and implementation. The work has already started but you will play a key role in shaping the Lenses cloud. Our software connects to customers’ systems, has access to data and secrets. It will be your responsibility to make it secure. Words like SoC2 and ISO 270001 should not scare you.


You will be supporting our product directly. Although devops is a culture, DevOps engineers are valuable members who accelerate developers by taking charge of the tough challenges for the delivery process like CICD, release automation and packaging. Mind you that these challenges are not only tough, but they are ongoing. As the product evolves, so does the delivery process.

Primary Technology Stack

The most common parts of our current stack include:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Jenkins
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Bash scripts
  • Go language
  • Linux servers
  • Apache Kafka
  • Helm

Of course, we touch way more technologies than just these. Our product is developed primarily using the technologies below, so part of your DevOps tasks will include interacting with them:

  • Scala (JVM), sbt
  • Javascript (React, Angular), yarn

What you will bring

Hopefully, we are going to spend many years working together. It’s important that we are compatible:

  • You love being an SRE and are eager to learn and become better
  • You have some experience in computer science (or similar) and distributed systems
  • You are not afraid to ask questions, give and receive feedback
  • You have experience in most of our primary technology stack
  • You have strong problem-solving skills, which for us means not only you can solve a problem but also you can explain how you did it and why your solution is correct
  • You are security, performance, and best-practice conscious
  • You are able to take responsibilities and own projects (implementation or even design-wise)
  • You like working in a team and you are able to push through language and cultural barriers to work with engineers all over the world
  • You want to automate everything
  • No task is beneath or above you. Documentation, support, and even little tasks are things we all do often. This applies even to our CEO!
Passionate about
  • Technology
  • Customer Success
  • Trying new tactics and messaging
  • Being part of a team
  • Sharing success with others
  • Inspiring people
Being Part of the team
  • You will join our International team with Lensiors spanning 8 countries and Offices in London, Athens, and New York. We have a distributed and remote-friendly culture to cover the full spectrum of working from a modern office to fully remote. (We are currently operating in full remote mode)
  • You will be defining, not following, the market
  • You will have a huge individual influence on the direction of the company
  • An opportunity to work with exceptional people at the forefront of their fields
Even More Benefits
  • An awesome, open, and vibrant start-up environment
  • Play a significant role in the development of the company and attain the opportunity for rapid career progression and personal growth
  • Flexible working hours
  • An opportunity to work with exceptional, professional people at the forefront of their fields

Be you! is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We celebrate difference, support it, and thrive on a diverse team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs and experiences. The more inclusive we are, the better we are, and our work will be.

If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation at any point through the interview process, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We’d love to hear from you!