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Senior Frontend Engineer

London, UK

Who are we?

At Lenses.io we are on a mission to democratize streaming data, helping businesses to operate in real-time.

Our technology allows organizations to practice DataOps, a new and disruptive way of consuming, processing and moving data. Our product, Lenses, delivers an amazing developer experience for building & operating streaming data applications. It makes working with leading open-source technologies such as Apache Kafka & Kubernetes accessible for more than ten thousand engineers, and operationalizes them for both enterprises including Daimler-Benz and startups such as Babylon Health.

If you're curious, love challenges, and have a great sense of humour then Lenses is the place for you!

What your day-to-day looks like:

  • Take part in all stages of the development process, from requirements gathering to implementation and testing.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams and collaborate closely with neighbouring disciplines, such as UX Designers, BackEnd Developers, DevOps, Product Managers
  • Participate in an Agile environment, with clear goals and fast releases.
  • Take part in knowledge sharing sessions with the rest of the UI Engineers or in company-wide ones.
  • Make use of the latest tools, libs and frameworks available in the Front-End space.
  • Help build the DataOps platform of the future

What you will bring:

  • Motivated to deliver and improve his/her knowledge constantly
  • Proven front end development experience, with a focus on building single-page web applications.
  • Ability to write clean code and understand when a particular part of the code needs to be refactored, what type of design patterns to use, etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of Javascript, from its closures, scopes and the later ES6+ features.
  • Experience building design systems with Styled Components, Typescript and ReactJS.
  • Advanced React concepts and patterns.
  • Solid HTML & CSS knowledge and ability to structure layouts with minimal and clear structure.
  • Knowledge of the Front-End Development ecosystem, web tooling such as NPM, YARN, Webpack, etc.
  • Know-how on ways to debug code, investigate performance issues, track issues, and fix them
  • Some Experience with testing Frameworks such as JEST, React Testing Library and Cypress.
  • Excellent spoken / written communication in English

Good to have experience with:

  • Global State management Libraries. (such as Redux, MobX)
  • Rx.js, Ramda
  • Cypress or other E2E testing frameworks
  • WebSockets or other type of streaming data
  • Experience working with a live Component Library such as Fractal or Storybook

Being Part of the Lenses.io team:

  • Lenses.io is part of Celonis, the Decacorn in the enterprise software industry, giving you the opportunity to compete on the world stage.
  • You will be exposed to the front-line of streaming technology applied globally. This will give you unique insights that are immensely valuable and rare.
  • We are ready to rock the market and offer a competitive salary, generous holiday allowance and strong global and local benefits.
  • You will be joining an awesome, constantly evolving and vibrant environment.
  • Play a significant role in the development of the company and attain the opportunity for rapid career progression and personal growth.
  • Work with exceptional, diverse, professional people at the forefront of their fields.

Be you!

Lenses.io is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We celebrate difference, support it, and thrive on a diverse team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs and experiences. The more inclusive we are, the better we are, and our work will be.

If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation at any point through the interview process, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We’d love to hear from you!