What Lenses.io joining the CNCF means for you

Building on our Open Source company DNA and our commitment to helping developers, we've joined the CNCF!

Andrew Stevenson
Apr 09, 2020
What Lenses.io joining the CNCF means for you

The Cloud-native ecosystem is growing. And we’re proud to be part of that growth. 

This is why we’re excited to announce that Lenses.io is joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)!  This builds on our Open Source company DNA and our commitment to helping developers around the world. 

But let’s cut to the chase. We know you’re probably wondering what you can expect from this… after all why else would we be asking you to read a partnership announcement?

The answer is plenty!

As part of our partnership, we’ll be making an effort to give back to the community both online and offline.

Commitment to open source

The birth of Lenses.io was through our support of Open Source Software (OSS). Our ambition was to help OSS projects succeed by making their engineers more productive and efficient. Submissions such as the Kafka Topics UI, Schema Registry UI, and our Kafka Development Box are all designed to help developers. The proof and our satisfaction lie in the millions of downloads from the Apache Kafka community. 

What the membership means

Our membership means you can expect more educational content (webinars, articles, etc) on how to operate real-time data workloads on Kubernetes. This also includes the chance to meet us in person at KubeCons and other CNCF events. We’re certainly looking forward to Amsterdam and Boston later this year, fingers crossed.

Where we see Kubernetes

Our customers run Kubernetes next to Apache Kafka as their modern data platform. These two projects are extremely powerful but add complexity. We often see organisations struggling to maintain high productivity and consistency when these two technologies are in use. We get it and believe a cloud-native software stack shouldn’t be the bottleneck when delivering new data products.

Where we fit within the CNCF Stack

Lenses combines both the developer and operations experiences within a single portal. This allows developers to manage both the data and application fabrics together. The result is significantly more power and control over the dev and prod experience.  

Kubernetes provides the ideal platform to run our Lenses SQL processors and Connectors. The ability to easily scale on-demand, with code-free development, lets organizations create fault-tolerant, scalable data pipelines in minutes.

With the help of Helm, Lenses can easily be deployed on Kubernetes. We also provide Helm charts to deploy our Kafka Connect connectors.

Our integration with Prometheus ensures you can collect your Apache Kafka health metrics (such as lag) as well as trigger different types of alerts to Alertmanager.

What’s in store for the future?

Lots! We are working hard to expand how and what we can deploy and manage in Kubernetes, Stay tuned!

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