About Lenses Connectors

Lenses Connectors (stream reactor) is an Apache License, Version 2.0 open source collection of components built on top of Kafka and provides Kafka Connect compatible connectors to move data between Kafka and popular data stores. We source connectors to publish data into Kafka and sink connectors to bring data from Kafka into other systems.

Our connectors support KCQL (Kafka Connect Query Language), an open source component of Lenses SQL Engine that provides an elegant and simple SQL like syntax for selecting fields and routing from sources or topics to Kafka or the target system (topic to target entity mapping, field selection, auto creation, auto evolution, error policies).

We support over 25 connectors available, tested and documented and you can give it a go by downloading Lenses Box or find the jars on our GitHub, or even build the code locally and help us improve and add even more connectors.

Manage and Monitor Connectors

Lenses Web Interface

With 100+ Open Source Kafka connectors available - more than 30 enterprise grade connectors out of the box - integrate seamlessly with your data systems.

Lenses CLI

Enable CI/CD and automation, GitOps and promoting flows across environments with the open source CLI tool to deliver your apps to production quickly.