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How financial services can safely scale Apache Kafka

Kafka self-service and security for heavily regulated apps in a world of fierce, fast innovation.

Here’s how it works.

Apache Kafka for Finance

Drowning in tickets from Kafka users?

(If not, you will be)

You’ve got a backlog of Kafka projects to onboard and compliance audits to meet; but time is ticking and internal stakeholders are breathing fire at the Platform team. Event-streaming was never going to be as easy to scale as data-at-rest, and heavy compliance requirements make you into a bottleneck for building critical applications - from fraud detection to mobile banking.

4 burning Kafka questions answered:

Governance & Productivity

Protect your data and enable teams using self-service features such as multi-tenant platform access with RBAC.

Real-time Governance Whitepaper
Governance & Productivity
Compliance Ready


Meet compliance and regulation with data discovery & masking, audit logs for real-time security monitoring & SSO.

Architecting Kafka for GDPR compliance

Process & transform data with SQL

Create and automate data streaming applications with low or no-code by processing and transforming data with SQL.

GitOps for real-time data blog
All over observability

All-over observability

Explore and investigate data in your streams with SQL to troubleshoot performance of your flows and micro services.

Kafka monitoring guide

Examples of use cases Lenses enables with Kafka

Data integration

Data integration

  • Reducing mainframe costs
  • Integrating market data
  • Security analytics pipelines
AI & data products

AI & data products

  • Risk calculation engine
  • Payment fraud detection
  • Churn prediction
Software applications

Software applications

  • Mobile banking
  • Financial roboadvisor chatbot
  • Digital wallet

How finance firms safely scale Kafka with Lenses DataOps


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“I believe the biggest value of Lenses.io is in governance support, at operational process and information security level, which makes it an ideal solution for enterprises for whom scale is a matter of serious attention.”

Dario Carnelli

Dario Carnelli, Governance Expert (Isaca Certified)

Architecture & Connectors for finance teams


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