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Lenses is compatible with your Cloud setup and Kafka Managed Services.
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Lenses Add-Ons

Lenses comes with a rich ecosystem to help you with specific needs

Lenses CLI

The Command Line Interface for Lenses supports all features to help you streamline your CI/CD automation



Operational Kafka Monitoring provides curated templates and ready to use exporters for Prometheus & Grafana

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Lenses Connectors

Find out our Open Source Apache 2.0 licensed connectors to move data in and out of Kafka.

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Topology Integration

Connect your custom producers & consumers, streaming applications like KStreams, Spark or any other Microservices to Lenses

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Lenses Archives

Get the latest archives of Lenses for a manual Linux setup.
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Lenses Docker

Deploy Lenses as Docker container. Learn More or simply Docker Pull!

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Lenses Helm

Helm, a package manager for Kubernetes, is the recommended way to install Lenses.
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Lenses SQL Runners

Enables scalable streaming SQL queries over Kafka on a single click. Integrates with Kubernetes or VM setups. Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lenses Box is a single Docker container setup optimized for Kafka Development environments. Contains a single broker installation of Kafka, including the required services, open source connectors and of course Lenses and Lenses CLI. It's perfect for CI/CD, cloud deployments or even new starters!

Lenses Enterprise, does not contain or is thight to any Kafka setup. You can configure it to connect to your own cluster. Lenses is compatible with all popular distributions of Kafka like: vanilla Apache Kafka, Confluent, AWS, Azure HDInsight, Aiven, Cloudera, Hortonworks etc.

Lenses has simplified the deployment in cloud providers using its own provisioning and management cloud templates tailored to the particular cloud.

Lenses Box is Free for ALL and forever.

In order to use the Docker of Lenses Box you require a security (EULA) key. You may need to refresh your key from time to time for security reasons.

Lenses is a Docker container that includes all required services for a Kafka Setup. The setup contains one instance of each service for example 1 Kafka broker, 1 Connect worker etc. For production environments it is recommended to have a multi-node setup for scalability and fail-over use cases. Also, Lenses Box allows up to 25M records on the cluster. However, if you want to use Lenses Box with over 25M records or for a production deployment you will require a License.

Lenses Box is a Docker container which includes a single kafka broker setup. If you want to try out Lenses with your own cluster you will require Lenses Enterprise.

Lenses Enterprise is very simple to setup, requires minimal resources, and you have various ways to deploy on cloud or on premise: Linux VMs, Docker, Kubernetes / Helm, Cloud providers etc

Yes. Lenses works with AWS MSK, Azure HDIside, Aiven, Confluent Cloud and other managed cloud services.

Lenses also provides deployment templates tailored made for each Cloud provider.

Lenses SQL consists of 3 main engines: Tabled, Streaming and Connect.
- With the Tabled engine you are allowed to perform data definition queries (ie. CREATE, INSERT, DROP etc), but most importantly the most unique feature is that you can run bounded SELECT queries directly to your data, which also supports live aggregations. You may also execute Live queries to the new data. The engine provides WebSocket endpoint to directly integrate it to your Applications and the Data Users.
- The streaming SQL engine, gives you the ability to spin up scalable stream processing applications expressed via SQL. Lenses uniquely integrates with Kubernetes out of the box, which allows you to have a seamless self-serviced experience.
- At Lenses we have developed almost 30 connectors to move data around. We incorporate a SQL like syntax to each connector configuration in order to simplify target system configs. You can simply cherry pick fields of your payload or instruct a primary key, without a required pre-process step.

We try to offer a fair billing policy to help you get started but also help your scaling plan. Our listing price is based on the number of the Brokers. We offer different Service Level Agreements for support services and Development environment options.

Lenses is used in multiple Fortune-500 organizations, but also is very attractive for early Startups as it helps teams to move to production faster. We offer special prices for qualified start-ups.

As a product, Lenses, offers a managment layer for your DataOps platform. Provides a central gateway for Accessing and controling the Data itself, Managing and building self-serviced streaming pipelines, as well as all the required enterprise features to manage your topology (monitoring, alerting, security etc)

Even though Lenses provides and supports several aspects of your top layer monitoring, it requires deep dive for Operational cluster monitoring. For this purpose, Lenses ships with a set of curated templates and exporters to fit a Promethius/Grafana set up. We provide extra APIs which can be hooked to your existing setup.

A lot of the monitoring capabilities of Lenses and the external Grafana setup, depends on your Kafka Cluster's JMX metrics. Lenses provides several ways to export these metrics securely or via Jolokia.

More questions? Let us help.