Kafka to Hazelcast

Simplify and accelerate your Kafka to Hazelcast with Kafka compatible connector via Lenses UI/CLI, Native plugin or Helm charts for Kubernetes deployments


About the connector

License Apache 2.0

This HazelCast Sink allows you to write events from Kafka to HazelCast. The connector takes the value from the Kafka Connect SinkRecords and inserts/updates an entry in HazelCast. The Sink supports writing to a reliable topic, ring buffer, queue, set, list, imap, multi-map, and icache. This Connector has been developed in collaboration with HazelCast.

Flexible Deployment
Powerful Integration Syntax
Monitoring & Alerting
Integrate with your GitOps

About Hazelcast

Hazelcast is the in-memory computing leader helping over 8,000 companies transition their IT landscapes to its transformational benefits. The Hazelcast operational in-memory computing platform helps companies, manage their data and distribute processing using in-memory storage and parallel execution for breakthrough application speed and scale.

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