Growing your career at Lenses - Q&A with Eliza! is fast growing and looking for people to grow with us. Hear from Eliza as she starts her career in marketing

Eliza Lavida
By Eliza Lavida
Dec 19, 2019
Growing your career at Lenses - Q&A with Eliza!

Elisavet Lavida is one of our rising star employees. We sat down with her to understand how she’s developing her career in Marketing & how Lenses is providing opportunities to grow!

Tell us what do you do at!

I am a part of our Marketing team, focusing on digital campaigns and events.

Working on two critical parts of marketing and for a hyper-growth company makes my job so interesting and exciting!

For example, when you organize an event, whether a local Meetup or Kafka Summit, I have to always think of new ways of amazing experience for people who come to visit us.

And as a digital marketer, I need to constantly “listen” to new information that we generate from our great analytics. Online behaviors change constantly as does the market. Data is critical in marketing, we’re big believers in data-driven marketing (fortunately, we provide data tech!).

I get a full picture of the market by getting to listen to both at our events and online.

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Sounds amazing! So tell us about a typical day!

Typical day?! We’re growing so fast there’s no such thing! We have to constantly think about ways of getting rid of new roadblocks that slow our business from growing. Everything from putting in place new automated business applications to entering in new countries.

I start by making sure I’m on top of my pending tasks for our next events. Some events take over six months to plan so I have to be organised!

I respond to any social media activity across our different social channels. Creating, listening to and engaging with an online community is critical for us.

Then, I work with the rest of the digital team on our on-site and off-site SEO.

And I work with the rest of the marketing team: content, demand gen, design, communications as well as our engineering and sales teams. developer working in office

What got you interested in Marketing?

Marketing is the most powerful social science for me. It doesn’t matter what you sell, or who you are selling to.

My social interaction with people from all around the globe has made me develop an analytical way of thinking. And that’s what a marketer does: translates all the data they can extract from their social circle and surroundings to customer behavior. If you manage to do this social experiment, your starting point puts you ahead of your competitors.

It’s a game. A highly competitive game. You need to always be one step ahead of your competition, to analyze as objectively as possible what they did right or wrong and how you can become better.

If your day-to-day job feels like playing a game, you won’t have to work a day in your life!

You don’t come from a technology background, do you find it hard?

The key to answering this question is my lifelong learning mentality. Lenses embraces this mindset.

Lenses wants people to keep evolving, and provides everyone opportunities to learn and grow.

For example, two weeks ago, I met marketing executives from some of the most influential companies in the world at a Big Brand Theory Event that Lenses asked me to attend. I learned about the data-driven marketing ecosystems and how a digital marketer can use data to identify business opportunities.

But sometimes being a good marketer isn’t enough. I share an office with engineering. I over-hear their conversations over lunch and beers so a lot has rubbed off on me! And they are always available to guide me towards the best wording and techniques.’s team is our greatest asset.

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How does Lenses remote culture work for you?

One of Lenses greatest values is the remote working culture. But, many companies that adopt a remote working don’t offer the chance to socialize with their co-workers and build strong bonds with them.

We have both options. Our company is hosted in London, Athens and soon opening New York. We allow our team members to visit any office at their own will. So you can create your own go-to-the-office or work-remotely hybrid.

We have the opportunity to bond in our own pace and that made employees a big family. We respect each other, we laugh, we even work remotely together: from the local coffee shop to picturesque corners downtown, we carry our Lenses culture all around the city.

Lenses is hiring! Come join us on our journey

We are looking for roles in all departements in Europe and in the US. See all our open positions on our careers page

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