Lenses.io enables DataOps over Microsoft's Azure

Get started with Lenses on Kafka HDInsight with zero configuration and Accelerate your Cloud strategy

Spiros Economakis
By Spiros Economakis
May 06, 2019
Lenses.io enables DataOps over Microsoft's Azure

Today, we are excited to announce our Microsoft Partnership and the integration with Azure HDInsight managed Kafka service.

Lenses is a DataOps enabler for your streaming platform that aims to help your team get more work done faster with fewer technological roadblocks. Lenses provides visibility and control over your streaming Data and Flows with enterprise-ready features. We provide the building blocks to operate your Data Platform.

The underlying managed infrastructure is available now with a click of button via Azure HDInsight. Today Lenses is available on the HDInsight Marketplace!

Compatible with HDInsight 3.6 and above, Lenses is the only product on the marketplace that supports up to HDInsight 4.0.

Deployed as an edge node in your HDInsight cluster, the installation requires zero configuration!

Will take you less than making tea to install Lenses. Watch it in action here:

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