Lenses Announced for Apache Kafka

The announcement of our unified platform Lenses that enables us to zoom into Apache Kafka

Christina Daskalaki
Aug 28, 2017
Lenses Announced for Apache Kafka

We are happy to announce our unified platform Lenses that enables us to zoom into Apache Kafka®

Our popular open source web tools and fast data integrations have helped our users to demystify their Kafka Cluster and simplify their streaming experience.

We collected our customers’ feedback for new features and brought together a unified platform to enable a whole new experience to Kafka. Lenses it is !

Lenses & Features

Lenses SQL for Kafka

Over the past year, we have been actively working on building a number of Kafka Connectors that support our SQL library in order to improve expressibility and simplicity but also introducing new capabilities for the data injection process.

See here how British Gas Connected Homes processes 4 Billion messages per day with a simple query using our ElasticSearch Connector!

We worked with our customers to see what would solve their real problems and we modeled a wider Kafka SQL layer that supports a lot more exciting features such as live data browsing, analysis, and management of SQL streams.

The main benefit it provides is a logical and concise syntax to define transformations by creating SQL Streams via a simple web interface but also enable non-technical users to interact with their data streams in real time, export and analyze.

Here is a fraud detection example:

kafka lenses 2

Lenses provides features and web tools that leverage our Landoop SQL for Data Browsing, Kafka Connectors, Register SQL Streams but also a supported web socket library to enable developers to build their apps by using streaming queries.

Here is an overview of Lenses features:

Topics | Live Data and SQL support

Data Browsing, Live streams, Managed schema changes, Publish, subscribe and configure topics.

kafka lenses 1

Explore partitions by offset

kafka lenses 3


Manage Consumer offsets, Monitor consumer lag in real time, collect and handle Consumer Group events.


Zero code Kafka integration with the most popular data sources via a simple web interface to setup and monitor connectors.


Manage ACLs, Quotas & Users, Project tags


Health checks, JMX Metrics monitoring and Alerting in app but also with Grafana/Prometheus integration.


Lenses will be available with the Kafka Development Environment Docker as well as our Cloudera offering. Cloud integration coming soon!

Stay tuned! Learn More

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