Black Friday deal: $350 free Managed Kafka credits

Handle seasonal scale with months’ worth of fully-managed Kafka with Lenses DataOps.

Olivier de Garrigues
Nov 26, 2020
Black Friday deal: $350 free Managed Kafka credits

Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. For many of our customers, this is one of the most important periods of the year, with more than 189.6 million U.S. shoppers buying up bargains from Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday last year. 

For them and for us, it’s crucial that internal systems can handle high traffic volume without downtime or performance degradation. This enables data practitioners to reliably run experiments, roll out features and ultimately deliver amazing real-time data experiences on streaming technologies such as Apache Kafka. 

On a normal day, Lenses DataOps helps engineers collect, monitor, process, productionize and protect billions of data signals (events) across business critical app experiences all over the world. This only becomes more critical during times of heavy load like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

What we’re bringing to the desk this year is a Black Friday deal of our own. We’re partnering with Aiven to offer their fully managed streaming service for Kafka and adding our complete data operations toolkit with $350 free credits for new Aiven users who register here

Secure Managed Kafka with DataOps. What’s in the package?

Great managed Kafka support during crazy system load times

Self-managing Kafka can be tough at the best of times, not to mention when your services are being steamrolled by shoppers click-competing for the last Samsung 55” 4K TV. 

Aiven customers consistently rave about superior support for their critical services, with plans that remove unwanted surprises at the end of the month from networking and storage costs. 

Endless data experimentation without reliance on the platform team

Your architecture won’t serve you during busy times unless you can see the data moving through it.

Whilst your Aiven Kafka infrastructure collects, processes and stores data with optimal performance, Lenses allows anyone who understands data to monitor, explore, govern and build flows to get instant time-to-insight and conjure up new data products. 

Protecting PII without compromising cluster performance

It’s nearing Christmas. It’s 3am. Now is not the time to field phone calls from your security officer telling you there’s unidentified traffic on the network from an unknown host and it’s communicating with a remote server.

Aiven for Kafka provides free metrics and logging integrations for real-time, fine-grain performance and security insights out of the box. Meanwhile, Lenses lets teams secure and audit data in any Kafka environment, create role-based access controls, and set up data policies that automatically detect and protect metadata across real-time apps.

So you can see and stop data vulnerabilities before they even happen.


Working with reliable and recognized software scale-ups

Data engineering around the clock is made much less stressful if you know you’re in good hands when it comes to your architecture, apps and data. VC firm Accel recently published their 2020 Euroscape, featuring both Aiven and 


The cloud ecosystem continues to build momentum this year with COVID-19 pushing organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. We’re really proud to be able to partner with Aiven in helping businesses of all sizes to make best use of their data, from Fortune 500s and federal public health institutes, to tech unicorns. 

Maybe you, too.

Wondering what other benefits a managed Kafka service and universally loved data experience could bring for your event streaming as the season starts to ramp up? Read more about Aiven & Lenses and get started.

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