My 4 must-see Kafka Summit SF sessions

My 4 must-see Kafka Summit SF sessions

Antonios Chalkiopoulos
My 4 must-see Kafka Summit SF sessions

Kafka Summit is always one of our favourite events of the year.

I and some of the Lenses team have already packed to be there again this year. Lenses is sponsoring the event and will have a big presence.

For anyone attending, here is a quick view of my must-see sessions:

Kafka Summit Sessions

Kafka Cluster Federation at Uber - Monday 11:00

This caught my eye because it sounds like what Uber have done is abstracted the Kafka infrastructure away from the applications.

It’s in our philosophy too: build and deploy streaming flows in a consistent manner that can be deployed across any technology stack (in our case we use SQL as the abstraction)


Tackling Kafka, with a Small Team - Monday 11:00

Ok. I know, I know, it’s on at the same time as the Uber talk. So send your best friend in one of them and sync up afterwards. Reason I think it’s important is I’ve experienced in my career as a data engineer how much overhead there is in running a data platform.

That’s why we develop productivity features and promote practices such as GitOps within Lenses to help organisations be mean and lean. Learn from Jaren’s talk though.


Shattering The Monolith(s) - Monday 13:45

We’ve developed a close relationship with SaaS provider Namely, helping them advance in their DataOps thinking and practices.

Lenses is a critical productivity tool for Namely and 100+ of their developers. It’s accelerating their adoption of Kafka and helping convert monoliths to micro services. Martin will talk about Namely’s journey to and challenges with event sourcing and how they are empowering self-service operations to internal customers to reduce pressure on engineering.


When Kafka Meets the Scaling and Reliability Needs of World’s Largest Retailer: A Walmart Story - Monday 11:55

You don’t get much bigger than Walmart. They are also known in the industry to be ahead of the game for making great use of their data. It’ll be fascinating to hear about the secret to their success!

Mike Barlotta from Walmart has also written some great stuff on using our Kafka Connect Cassandra connector too.


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If you’re attending Kafka Summit and want a chat with me or the team, ping us a message via this form and we can have a drink.

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