Fast Data CSD Beta

Fast Data CSD beta release for Confluent Platform 3.0.0: more robust, more bundled connectors and support for custom ones

Marios Andreopoulos
Aug 07, 2016
Fast Data CSD Beta

This is now in General Availability. See it here and request a trial today!

Today we release our first beta CSD for Confluent Platform 3.0.0. It is robust enough to use in production; but we want to add at least some small touches before the final release which we expect to be fully compatible with the beta drop-in replacement and upgrade.

For the eager ones, you can find it at our archive. The installation procedure remains the same, yet if you use the old one, we suggest to remove and clean the previous installation.

Changelog from 2.0.1

These are the important changes:

  • Upgrade to Confluent Platform 3.0.0.

  • More robust initialization for kerberized environments. Just enable an

    internal (to the cluster) plaintext port for the brokers and the rest of the

    infrastructure will use it automatically.

  • Ability to use your own connectors. Add them manually to the same path to all

    Connect hosts and configure the classpath option in CM.

  • Datamountainer’s Stream Reactor technology

  • A user-defined id is appended to log filenames instead of a random one, making

    the logs path predictable and consistent across cluster nodes.

[ paragraph updated 17 August, 2016 ]

Missing Features

We decided against supporting some features for the time being:

  • Control Center is omitted.

  • SSL support for Kafka REST Proxy and Schema Registry is omitted.

Availability and Installation

You can find the CSD at our archive. For the installation procedure and usage instructions, please refer to our documentation.

As always we will be more than happy to get some feedback. You can comment below, or give us a shout via the contact form.

The Landoop Team

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