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All-in-one, 5 min setup Kafka on Cloudera

  • Enhance your existing clusters with new functionality while minimizing your operational cost.
  • Understand and configure your Kafka clusters with ease.
  • Operate securely: Kerberos, SASL, TLS and various authentication matrices. Monitoring and Alerting capabilities are built in.

Get all the benefits of Cloudera Manager and build your Fast Data Layer.

kafka on cloudera

Take care of dynamic configuration parameters and complex setup scenarios. Make Apache Kafka, Schema Registry and Kafka Connect ecosystem available to your Cloudera cluster nodes.


The defacto web tools for Kafka to manage Topics, Schemas and Connectors. With 25+ connectors supported out of the box by Stream Reactor parcel.


Get the benefit of powerful open source platforms, Prometheus and Grafana, integrated with your Kafka cluster JMX endpoints for an enterprise ready monitoring solution. Setup metrics alerts and never miss your SLAs.

Set up in 5 minutes!

Fast Data CSD

Manage all the Kafka Services via your Cloudera Manager

Take care of dynamic configuration parameters and complex setup scenarios.
Enhance your Cloudera cluster capabilities with Kafka, Schema Registry and Kafka Connect.

The default Fast Data parcel delivers:
  • Kafka Brokers
  • Schema Registry
  • Kafka REST Proxy
  • Kafka Connect Distributed
  • Kafka CLI Tools
Comes with add-on parcel delivers the latest distribution of the 25+ connectors.

Monitoring & Alerting

The Monitoring CSD allows deploying JMX agents and using Prometheus to periodically poll and store time-series data. A Grafana service provides enhanced default monitoring dashboards, providing useful charts to every devops and developer. It provides the ability to set up alerts to meet your SLAs!

Fast Data Web Tools

The Tools CSD allows deploying via the Cloudera Manager’s Web Interface, the Kafka Topics UI, the Schema Registry UI and the Kafka Connect UI, Open source tools by Landoop to manage Kafka Operations

Control your lineage, view the versioned history and manage compatibility and evolution of Avro schemas.


View and download data from your Kafka topics, using the Kafka REST Proxy as the backend REST service.


Use with our distribution of connectors and configure and manage your real time ingestion pipeline