Use our experience to bootstrap your teams

Choosing Lenses platform for your streaming solution is the first step in taking your business to the next level. professional services can help implement your use cases, migrate from the legacy data platforms, and help your organization take advantage of new capabilities. We have spent significant time in the trenches, thus our experienced Solution Engineers/Architects bring their expertise to help define a strategy to achieve your goals, plan the course of action and design architecture and processes for success. Although we specialise in Apache Kafka, our team members experience is backed by years working with a wide range of BigData technologies.

We consult, architect and build for your success.

We can guide you to deliver quickly

  • Spec-up hardware requirements
  • Provision on cloud or on premises
  • Architect and design solutions
  • Build and demo proof of concept
  • Assist in implementation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Securing your environment
  • Auditing and testing

Our areas of expertise

Apache Kafka

At the core of our architecture is Kafka. We help you build unified and scalable data pipelines in order to unlock your full data potential.


We are domain experts on both utilization of clusters to achieve business goals and the entire life-cycle of your cluster.

Cloud Technologies

We use Kubernetes, Mesos, Marathon, OpenStack, DC/OS and also integrate with public cloud major providers tooling.


With strong emphasis on security and auditing, we work on authentication, authorization and encryption on the wire and at rest. LDAP, Kerberos integrations.


Your Kafka topologies straight to the clouds, auto provisioning, Helm charts, Kubernetes, Dockers, including connectors and custom apps.


Deployments, provisioning, upgrades using Ansible, Docker, Cloud providers integrations, on premises automations, our tooling for provisioning Kafka installations and custom applications.

Enterprise Support

Lenses comes with Enterprise Support ranging from 8x5 to 24x7. Packages with dedicated time / month to consult and help you. Access to support portal all software upgrades, fixes and patches.