FTP to Kafka

Simplify and accelerate your FTP to Kafka with Kafka compatible connector via Lenses UI/CLI, Native plugin or Helm charts for Kubernetes deployments

Lenses connector

About the connector

License Apache 2.0

Kafka Connector that monitors files on an FTP server and feeds changes into Kafka.

Provide the remote directories and on specified intervals, the list of files in the directories is refreshed.Files are downloaded when they were not known before, or when their timestamp or size are changed.Only files with a timestamp younger than the specified maximum age are considered.Hashes of the files are maintained and used to check for content changes.Changed files are then fed into Kafka, either as a whole (update) or only the appended part (tail),depending on the configuration. Optionally, file bodies can be transformed through a pluggable system prior to putting it into Kafka.

  • Flexible Deployment
  • Powerful Integration Syntax
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Integrate with your GitOps

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